DIY Laptop Case

I know I’ve been horribly slow with the posts, but I promise, promise, promise to do better. I’ve been pretty backed up with a double birthday party coming up, and I’ve also been crafting a little something on the side for myself (which I really should have done much earlier on, but all the wedding DIY was just so overwhelming).

So I got myself a new laptop a few months back and was looking for a cover, case or carry bag. I found the selections rather mundane, nothing too interesting, so I thought I’d make something on my own, but as procrastination is my middle name, I never really got around to it… until recently. I picked up this yard of lovely Tilda fabric in Japan and decided to kick myself in the behind to get this sorted.

This won’t be a tutorial for a DIY laptop case just yet –  believe me, you do not want a step by step account of how I did this as I guarantee it’ll befuddle the life out of you (I was confused half the time figuring how things worked. I knew what sort of specs I wanted, but it was a one-step-at-a-time process plus a whole lot of improv, getting here – whoever said sewing isn’t a science is dead wrong). So let’s just focus on how pretty it looks until I figure out a much simpler way of making a perfect (and perfectly easy) padded laptop case.

Everything is 100% hand sewn, right down to the button hole, which is trickier than it looks! If you do have any questions though, do feel free to leave a comment or pop me an email. Enjoy!

DIY Laptop Case

And up close:





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